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Illegal sharing of digital textbooks

Copyright and you.

Surveys shows that many students attending the Danish educational institutions, unfortunately choose to illegally share digital textbooks with each other.
A survey made by Epinion in the fall of 2020. Shows that 50% of the students, who uses digital textbooks, has acquired at least on digital textbook illegally.

A summary of the key findings of the survey can be seen here.

In 2020 and 2021 alone, there was 450 registered cases of illegal sharing of textbooks, committed by students attending vocational colleges. These illegal acts have great consequences for a small language area such as Denmark and will in the long term, have an effect on future textbooks. It can also have big personal consequences for the individual student, who chooses to share a textbook illegally.

Think twice before you illegally send or receive digital textbooks through channels such as Facebook, Messenger, Dropbox, Google Drive or similar.

Should you be in doubt, whether a specific sharing of a textbook is legal, click here for more information.