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Register your Student Project


Your final diploma- or BA-thesis need to be registered in UC Knowledge Student portal, a log-in repository and showcase for the knowledge production at the Danish university colleges.
The registration itself is done through ItsLearning and Wiseflow, where you will find a link for making the registration in the Student portal.


You need to register your project and upload the project as a pdf file.
You can find more information in assignment page for your project room in WiseFlow


Who can read my project?

When you register your project in UC Knowledge Student portal, you can give permission for your project to be shown in the repository of UC Knowledge’s student theses.

If you select ”Not confidential” you give permission for your thesis/project to be shown on the student portal. Only projects that have passed examination will be shown on the portal.


My project is confidential…

If your thesis/project or parts of it are considered confidential, please select that the project is “Confidential”. This ensures that the project is not shown at the portal, and only administrative staff has access to the project.

Attention! – Remember to delete social security numbers (Cpr numbers) from the project prior to upload.



You are the copyright holder to your project, even if you upload it to UC knowledge Student portal. This means you maintain the right to distribute your project.

Note! A publisher or business may decline to print or publish the project if it has already been made accessible.

You are responsible for making sure that you have copyright and permission to use all pictures, graphs and others materials in the project. If you are in doubt, you should mark your project as confidential.


Guide UC Knowledge student projects 


Register your graduation project (This link should only be used if you have not registered your graduation project in the Student Project Portal, in connection with your submission in WiseFlow.)
Click her to register your graduation project


If you have any questions
Please ask your local librarian or
The UCL Library’s super users of UC Knowledge portal:
- Simon Skjoldmose Hansen, contact librarian for UC Knowledge portal, Seebladsgade, ssha2@ucl.dk
- Nini Jensby Nielsen, contact librarian for UC Knowledge portal, Stationsvej, Jelling, njni1@ucl.dk
- Birgitte Ehs, UC Knowledge coordinator, Niels Bohrs Allé, Odense, bieh@ucl.dk

UCL Library Oct 2020