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Library rules

Who can use UCL Library? 
All students, course participants and members of staff at UCL University College can use the UCL Library. Also, see Service declaration.

As student or staff at UCL University College, you will automatically become a patron. Your patron ID is your social security number.
Your PIN code is four numbers. Contact UCL Library for further information.
Your library card is your social security card (yellow card).

External patrons (i.e. not affiliated with UCL University College) are welcome to use the UCL Libraries in Jelling, Odense (Niels Bohrs Allé) and Vejle.
As an external patron, you are required to show up in person presenting your ID after which you will be registered as a patron.

Your library card is your social security card (yellow card).
Also, see Service declaration - External Patrons for exemptions.

Borrow and return
You can borrow and return books/items at all of UCL Library's locations. Exempt is AV-equipment, which you can only borrow and return at its specific location.

Lending period
- Books: 30 days.
- 1-day-books (1 dags lån): 1 day - no renewals.
- Periodicals/journals: the latest issue is not available to borrow. Earlier issues: 30 days.
The lending period for other items can be found in the library database.

You can renew items for an extended loan period unless someone else has requested the materials. 
The extended loan period is the same as the regular lending period and begins on the day of renewal. 


Timely return of items is your responsibility!
You are personally responsible for the items you borrow and their return inside the due date.
You can check your due dates by logging in at bib.ucl.dk.

Service announcements from UCL Library
Reminder of impending due date: 5 days before a due date you will receive a text message and/or an email alerting you to the impending due date.

Reservation: you will receive a text message and/or an email when your reservation is ready for you.
Remember to pick up your reservation or notify the UCL Library if you do not need it anymore. This way you will help the next patron in line.

Late return or late renewal

8 days past due date

16 days past due date

31 days past due date = replacement/compensation

10 DKK fine

25 DKK fine

Library replacement price + 75 DKK  administrative fine

Recall notice: 7 days past the due date you will receive a recall notice informing you of the impending fine unless you return or renew the item(s).

Compensation notice: When the due date is exceeded by 45 days, you will receive a balance statement in your e-Boks requiring you to compensate UCL Library for the borrowed item(s).
If the item(s) is not returned, or the compensation is not paid, you will be excluded from further loans.

Compensation notice reminder (dun): when the due date is exceeded by 60 days, you will receive a compensation notice reminder (dun) in your e-Boks.

Fines are per item. You are required to pay the fine(s) even though you return the item(s).

If you do not return the item(s) or pay compensation for the borrowed item(s), the matter is eligible for legal debt recovery by SKAT (official Danish collector of debt).

If you have unpaid fines worth 200 DKK or more, you will be excluded from reserving, borrowing, and renewing materials.

Exemption for UCL University College staff: As staff, you are exempt from paying fines, but still required to either replace or pay compensation for broken or lost items.

You pay your fine(s) and/or compensation(s) by bank transfer to registration number: 0216 and account number: 4069078060.
Remember to write your name and date of birth in the text box to insure the payment is connected to your patron account.

By personal attendance, it is also possible to pay fees by MobilePay (requires a Danish mobile phone number). A fine will have to be paid through bank transfer.

Replacement of/compensation for items
If you lose, or break, a borrowed item, you are required to pay compensation at the UCL Library´s replacement cost.

If you later recover that replaced/compensated item, that item is, at that time, your property.


Current Library rules updated April 2019.