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How to renew loans

  • Log on to bib.ucl.dk Forny dine lån
  • Click on your name in the Login box and select "Loans"
  • Select the titles that you wish to renew
  • Clisk "Renew Selected"

How to tell if the loan is renewed?

If you are uncertain whether your loan(s) have been renewed, you can always check the return date of the material.

Although the return date is overdue on your loan, you are still able to renew the loan period.

If the loan is not renewed?
  • You can only renew loans that are not reserved by other patrons.  
  • A loan may be renewed a maximum of 50 times.
  • Have the material been borrowed through another library (inter-urban loan) you will not be able to renew the loan. Instead contact the library staff.