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Book a librarian

”Book a librarian” is an opportunity for you to receive guidance in relation to your final thesis (afgangsprojekt or bacheloropgave). The guidance session will be based on your subject or problem statement.

Book a librarian


The guidance session may include

  • how to build a search strategy
  • how to choose relevant databases
  • how to search specific databases

A guidance session is 30-45 minutes long and takes places at the UCL Library.

Book in advance. Some periods have higher demands on our time because most students write their final thesis in the same period.

Remember before booking: Always visit the library and check if the librarian on duty can help you move further along in your process.

Mutual expectations
the librarian will prepare for the guidance session based on the information you provide in the booking form. Please, fill in the form as completely and precisely as possible.
It is equally important for you to be prepared in order to gain the most from your guidance session.

Sign up
Fill in the form and send it to the library at least 2 working days prior to the date of wished for guidance session.
Note: Your guidance session is only scheduled, when you receive email confirmation from the UCL Library.