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Self-service at UCL Libraries - Where and When?

To access the UCL Library you need to have a negative Covid-19 test - no older than 72 hours.


You can/may

- pick up your reservations at the library
   Remember to reserve the books beforehand and only pick-up books, after you have received a pick-up notification.

- return books

- get library guidance at Zoom: Monday-Friday 9-11am and 13-15pm * Find the link at Itslearning


You may NOT 
- spend time at the library finding books yourself
- use the library as a place to study



UCL Library (main library)
Email: bibliotek@ucl.dk 
Phone: 6318 3730


Or contact your local UCL Library:

Klostervænget, Svendborg, phone: 6318 3230 or 6318 3761, email: bib-sve@ucl.dk 
Access: Main entrance in building A from 7am - 4pm.

Niels Bohrs Allé, Odense, phone: 6318 3730, email: bibliotek@ucl.dk
Access: Main entrance is open  7am - 5pm.

Seebladsgade, Odense, phone: 6318 3734, email: bib-see@ucl.dk 
Access: main entrance in building A + B, between 7am - 4.30pm.

Stationsvej, Jelling, phone: 6318 3722, email: bib-jel@ucl.dk
Accesss between 7am - 5pm.

Vestre Engvej, Vejle, phone: 6318 3721, email: bib-vej@ucl.dk 
Access: Entrance B open 7am - 5pm


Published by: binr
Post date: Wednesday 12. May