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For new students

Welcome to the UCL Library

When you are student at UCL you will need the UCL library during your studies.

You already have a user account with the library and you are more than welcome to use the library.

No matter where you study you are allowed to use all the UCL library locations.

We look forward to seeing you at the library – online or in person (whenever this is possible again)


Ask the UCL Library on Zoom

You can connect with a librarian on Zoom Monday-Friday 9-11 and 13-15. * Find til link at Itslearning


Meet other students who enjoy reading – through our new reading groups

We will not let covid hinder our joy of reading, even if we can not meet in person.

So if you are seeking something social to do with your fellow students, you can participate in our reading groups. Sign up for the reading groups can be done from the 10/2 on this page.




My login to bib.ucl.dk is not working – what do I do?

Contact the UCL Library if your login is not working at  UCL Biblioteket, hvis dit login til bib.ucl.dk ikke virker - bibliotek@ucl.dk or call us at 6318 3730.


How do I place an item on hold?

When you have found the book you need on bib.ucl.dk that you wish to place on hold, you will need your user number (CPR.nr) and your pin. You have received your pin number either on Itslearning or during your introduction tour of the library. If you can not recall your pin please contact the UCL Library. You can also place an item on hold by logging in via WAYF.


Where can I collect my books?

You can collect the items you have on hold at the library that shares location with your degree program. If you wish to collect items from a different location then you need to choose a different pick-up location when you order the item. 

In order to gain access to other campuses you need to contact Facility Service.


How do I pick up items I have on hold?

If you have your student id, you can see the libraries opening hours here. If you do not have a student id you will need to contact your local campus library to ascertain when and how you may enter the library.


How do I borrow an item I have on hold?

You will receive a message from the library when your item is ready for pick-up.

You will need to bring your reserved item number, which is in the message you received from the library.

All the campus libraries have designated shelves where the reserved item(s) on hold can be found. The books are places in order of the reserved item number. Find your book(s) and use the self-checkout machine in order to complete the loan. Your user number is your CPR. Number and you received your pin code via Itslearning or during your introduction tour of the library.

If you cannot remember your pin code please contact the library at bibliotek@ucl.dk or call +45 6318 3730.


How do I make a return?

Returning an item can be done by using the automated check-out machine.

Please beware of local restrictions pertaining to your campus, in regards to access and the library. See more info here.


What about late fees?

You can borrow items for free as long as you return them on time. If you do make a late return you will be charged a late fee. You can pay via MobilePay using the self check-out machine. You can read more about rules, regulations and fees here.


How do I get access to databases from home?

You have access to many online resources from home. You need to use your WAYF login to access them.


How do I contact my UCL library?

You can find a list of all the libraries and the contact info here.

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Post date: Tuesday 2. February