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Zotero site

Website with guides for installation and use of Zotero
Formelle krav

Formal requirements

'Formal requirements for written assignments' now exist as an external website.
GDPR for studerende

GDPR for students

UCL Guideline for student use of personal information


Illegal sharing of digital textbooks

Are you aware of the rules for sharing textbooks?
Beware that you do not break copyright


Book a librarian

Book a librarian

”Book a librarian” is a special offer for students writing their final thesis. Get personal guidance for your information seeking process – directly based on your subject or problem statement.



Database for all Danish libraries: public libraries, specialized libraries and academic libraries.
Access: bibliotek.dk

Google Scholar

Google Scholar

Search engine for academic and scientific articles.
Access: Google Scholar


New loan and fee rules

The biggest change for you will be that the second fee, will be due 16 days after the delivery deadline of the books and the balance sheet will be send out 31 days after deadline.

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