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Email bibliotek@ucl.dk and get answers to your questions.

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eBook collection

eBook Academic Collection

Database of over 40.000 ebooks. The ebooks are textbooks in English and covers a long list of subjects.

The UCL Library has 150.000 e-books!   
-  Search the eBook collection 


Database for all Danish libraries: public libraries, specialized libraries and academic libraries.
Access: bibliotek.dk

Book a librarian

Book a librarian

”Book a librarian” is a special offer for students writing their final thesis. Get personal guidance for your information seeking process – directly based on your subject or problem statement.

Google Scholar

Google Scholar

Search engine for academic and scientific articles.
Access: Google Scholar


The UCL library provides access to a selected collection of online dictionaries.

How to use the UCL Library

Library rules

Who can use UCL Library?
All students, course participants and members of staff at UCL University College can use the UCL Library. 
How to use UCL Library.